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  • Question: you're a moron. Because of Rodney King, Police Brutality became a more serious violation within the police force. He brought Police Brutality to the forefront of issues in the United States. Don't judge someone and encourage others not to care about his death simply because he had a drug problem.. That's horrible. No one deserves to be 'beaten' and fighting for their lives from cops just for recklessness. - easygenius
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    First off, you said “He brought Police Brutality to the forefront of issues in the United States” Thats as stupid as saying “These 11 victims of this serial killer solved the case”. So, yea, its been established that your an idiot. But to your central point. Just recklessness? I dont think you have one clue about the actual events of that night! King was FLYING over 100 MPH through RESIDENTIAL neighborhoods. If he had hit a kid and killed him, would you be so quick to defend him? And your absolutely wrong. Police Brutalitly came to the forefront after a LAPD officer used his nightstick to choke a fighting suspect and he later died. This was TWO whole years before the King event. Furthermore, King had been arrested for Domestic Assault numerous times, so thats ok if you have a drug problem? And if the cops were out to beat black men that night, how come they didnt hurt the other two BLACK male passengers in the car with him? Because when they were instructed to go to the ground, they DID! Rodney King fought 5 cops. They tazed him twice and he kept coming. 4 cops than jumped on his back and he threw them ALL off and charged at the cops. This is when the video began rolling. What were those officers supposed to do? “Well, this guy wont comply. Might as well leave him be”. That would have been illegal for them to do and a dereliction of their duties as sworn officers of the law. That is why a MULTI-RACIAL jury aquitted them. And how did people like you (morons) react? They burned down half of L.A. and murdered white people for simply being white. So to paraphrase you, “No one deserves to be beaten and fight for their lives just for being white in L.A.” You should try and read a book called “Presumed Guilty” written by a BLACK man (that shouldnt matter, but I bet it does to you. And youd probably call him an “Uncle Tom” for not subscribing to your ridiculous view of history and the world). So before you call others “moron” maybe you should have a idea what the fuck your talking about! Thanks! 


Are we really going to shed crocodile tears for Rodney King? The guy was drunk and high on PCP, running from the cops in residential neighborhoods at speeds exceeding 100 mph. He then fights 5 cops and they whoop his ass. What part of that tale necessitates remembering Rodney King?


Political Crazyness: 12 Year Old Boy Arrested Over Spilled Milk


APRIL 15—A 12-year-old boy was handcuffed and arrested by police when he scuffled with an officer after refusing to clean up spilled milk in the cafeteria of his Indiana middle school.

The student is facing a pair of misdemeanor resisting law enforcement counts, according to…

Good! Maybe the next time he wont be a snot nosed little shit!

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