Millions of Iranians are struggling to afford basic food necessities thanks to a spike in food prices caused by US sanctions. Those sanctions continue to be implemented despite the fact that "Washington admits Iran has no weapons program and has not made the decision to start one."



In short, these sanctions:

  • Hurt average Iranians,
  • Have increased Iranian unemployment,
  • Do not hurt Iran’s leaders,
  • Punish a nonexistent wrong,
  • Are not effective, and
  • Could be construed as an act of war

And yet, we’re still sanctioning.

I’d make two corrections.

1) These are an act of war. 

2) “We” are not the ones sanctioning, the U.S. government is - a very important distinction.

Those sanctions are NOT an act of war. That is just utter nonsense. How is not giving someone something “an act of war”? Secondly, those sanctions exist NOT because of Iran’s nuclear program, but for their continued support and funding of terrorist group.

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